Murals & Trompe L'oeil

Murals are works of art that are created for particular spaces, and are many times, site specific. They effectively convey the illusion of added space, and provide a unique focal point to any room, interior or exterior. They can incorporate the surrounding architecture, or defy reality all together. Each mural is carefully designed and developed to satisfy the clients vision, scope and budget. Some of the murals below were painted on site, while some were painted on canvas (or other substrate) in the studio. The canvas murals are installed just like wallpaper, and provide the financial durability of being removable, should you choose to relocate them. This option allows your space to transform virtually overnight, without having artists working on site.

   Trompe L'oeil is French for 'Fool The Eye", and much of what makes this kind of Art fascinating is the surprise factor of providing something that appears to exist, but in fact is just a painted image.


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